Rejuvenating Sculptural Face Lifting Massage

Painless, deeply relaxing and healthful alternative to surgical facelifts and injections, used by beauty editors and celebrities in the know to lift cheeks, slim the jawline, firm a double chin, tone the neck, de-puff eyes, release wrinkles and provide that “lit from within” glow.

Of course, it is very nice to see the gradual return of youth, but, you must admit, prevention is always better than rehabilitation. Therefore, it is BETTER to start working with your face from a young age, when wrinkles only begin to appear, temporarily appearing with a smile, laugh or other facial expression in the holistic way such as Rejuvenating Sculptural Face Massage.

At the beginning of the first signs of wrinkles appearance it easily can disappear without a trace, you just have to calm the face down. But muscle tension does not pass without a trace, it accumulates deep under the skin and gradually begin to crawl out onto the surface in the form of creases and deep wrinkles, becoming more noticeable and permanent.

Muscle tension, leading to wrinkles, leads to facial muscle hypertonicity. ⠀

By performing Rejuvenating Sculpting Face Lifting Massage, my task is to remove this hypertonicity with my special methods, to restore muscle balance, with help of the blood flow, skin’ “nutrition”.
Inlike Botox effect that freezes the muscles with its toxic chemicals, the face massage is holistic and natural and noninvasive.

With the magic of professional hands and fingers trained to relax the muscle, I ,thereby, block the muscle memory, so the muscle “forgets” it’s habitual contraction at the slightest movement of your emotional thought (what Botox effect does). The shorter the wrinkles life, the faster the effect. ⠀


– Reduces or completely eliminates facial wrinkles on the forehead.
– Raises eyebrows. ⠀
– “Opens up ” the eyes, reduces swelling of the eyelids. ⠀
– Increases the fullness of the lips, improves their color. ⠀
– Lifts the cheekbones. ⠀
– Reduces nasolabial folds and those “bulldogs” droopy folds at the corners of the mouth. ⠀
– Provides face lifting, tightens the jaw line. ⠀
– Reduces the double chin, tightens skin of the neck . ⠀
– Improves the symmetry of the face such level of eyebrows, eyes, lips, jaw. ⠀- Restores skin texture, its elasticity, smoothness and color. ⠀
– Improves blood supply, normalizes venous and lymphatic outflows.

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