Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue by Massage Beauty Touch

The technique of Deep Tissue Massage Beauty Touch is similar to Swedish massage techniques. However, it focuses on the deeper layers of the tissue. I use special hooks and stretchings of tissues, with the help of phalanges of the finger, fists, forearm or elbow. The manipulations do not bring any discomfort to the patient, so the effect of deep tissue massage is mild, smooth,  painless and relaxing.

I perform  Deep Tissue Massage Beauty Touch by the strokes that go along and across the muscle fibers. Movements also can be rotational with pressure but deliberately and gentle with the use of deep pressure.  That will help the muscle tissue to stretch and promote better blood circulation.

My technique of Deep Tissue Massage Beauty Touch helps to reduce the pain associated with muscular spasm, removes muscle tension associated with trauma and also removes fibromyalgia.

I recommend Deep Tissue Massage Beauty Touch for people who experience constant chronic pain, people with limited mobility, to recover from injuries, including sports. It is used for intervertebral hernias, with various curvatures of the spine, and deformations of the cervical spine, with occipital headaches that occur as a result of cervical spasm.

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