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Swedish massage is a very popular type of massage in the present days. Being very effective therapeutic remedy, it is often used as a  prevention purpose. Advantages of this type of massage not only contributes to the cure for various human diseases but also serves as an excellent diagnostic method.

Aside from the strongest psychotherapeutic method that beneficially affects the body, Swedish massage helps with depression. By increasing resistance to stressful situations, it helps to achieve maximum relaxation and eliminates the effects of stress.

As a result of improved blood circulation, blood rushes to the brain that has a beneficial effect on memory.

Can be often used in everyday life and athletes to speed up recovery after injuries.
With the help of Swedish massage it can eliminate discomfort and speed up the muscle recovery after physical strain, therefore, normalizes muscle tone.

Features of the Swedish Massage Beauty Touch system.

This system is performed by the following methods: grinding (is about 40-50 percent of the entire procedure), movement (about 30-40 percent), kneading (takes only 10 or 15 percent of massage) and stroking (only 5-7 percent).

The purpose of Swedish Massage  Beauty Touch is not only to increase the circulation of venous blood and lymph, but also to stretch the vascular-neural bundles, and also to rub the existing seals.

The main difference between Swedish Massage Beauty Touch and other massage systems is that this kind of therapy can not be called a purely mechanical procedure, it is a deep mental work because during the session I diagnose the patient’s condition with the help of fingers. Taking such diagnose into considerations, I pay more attention to the problem and only then begin to massage the body.

Swedish Massage Beauty Touch is very loved by women due to its cosmetic purposes. It will make your skin more toned and prevent premature wrinkles and cellulite.  It restores damage cells, eliminates the excess of swelling and improves skin tone.

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