Four Hands Massage

Four Hands Massage Beauty Touch is a unique procedure, unlike all massage techniques. Four Hands Massage is a truly royal gift to your body when two massage therapists at the same time bring your body a feeling of lightness and an emotional sense of harmony and tranquility.

The pleasant scent of organic massage oil, touch in four different points of the body and soft relaxing music bring a very unforgettable experience.

Massage Therapists bring their movements in synchronicity, or on the contrary intentional sequence, covering all body from a head to toes.

A Four Hands Massage consists of a huge number of receptions and their combinations. Each session of this massage has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and on the functioning of all organs of the body. Four Hands Massage is not just a physical effect, but a very strong energy technique that stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain, allowing you to relax and gain resistance to stress.

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